by Susanne Sachsse with Xiu Xiu
Video Directed by Glen Fogel

On the occasion of:
I Was a Formalist Pensioner. An Anti-Opera
Susanne Sachsse with Xiu Xiu
September 10 - October 17, 2021

Susanne Sachsse
Angela Seo
Jamie Stewart

Video Direction, Editing & Lighting:
Glen Fogel

Produced by:
Lia Gangitano

Music by:
Xiu Xiu

Lyrics by:
Kurt W. Streubel, 
Antioper (1970)
Adapted by Susanne Sachsse
Translated with Marc Siegel

Robotic Camera:
Collin Leitch

Isaiah Davis

Installation Design:
Jonathan Berger, Ruth Schönegge, Şenol Şentürk and Martin Siemann

Production Assistant:
Marc Siegel

You Stop the Thriller was made possible with generous support from:
ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, The Senate Department for Culture und Europe (Berlin), and Goethe-Institut, New York