My Last American Dollar: FINAL RUN

Livestream Perfomance: June 8, 2021 at 8:00pm EST
Video Premiere: July 12-17, 2021

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feat. Keioui Keijaun Thomas

I knew you hoes would be here
I know you hoes been listening/ Now listen

Where she from/ Where the fuck she going Back it up

Where the fuck she from/ She came up with roaches Bug spray/ Gotta repel these fucking roaches

Fake niggas/ niggas steady trying to fuck with the Body

Body count/ What she said/ She came up wit roaches
But she stayed focused/ They’ve been trying to keep us under beds Trash bags/ And crumbs for breakfast

Puff puff/ Last breath/ Pass

Where the fuck she going

She a black femme punk nigga bitch

Black black fem/ black black fem/ black black fem/ black black femme

She’s a black feminine punk/ Stepping over fields/ Fields of crackers Pop pop pop pop/ On the dance floor

It’s always for the girls/ I said we are our sisters fucking keepers/ I got you boo

Gurls on the fucking cum up/ Eat it bitch for 1 up Mario/ Riding hoes like yoshi/ Super Nintendo


Fuck me with ya spirit/ say my name/ So I can hear it Look me in the eyes so we can feel it/ Riding waves Digging graves/ Taking these hoes on a play date

Rebirth/ Rework/ Resist/ Everything these days
You always think you is safe/ Seeking safety under the low lights Turn the lights down low

Wait/ Imma make you/ Wait

Produced by Celestial Trax, Loveless Records
Album Title: Roaches EP
Artist: Rozay Labeija 
Year: 2016

Image: The Poetics of Trespassing: Part 3. Sweet like Honey, Black like Syrup, Spill Festival of Performance, 2014. Photo by Guido Mencari. [An image of the artist's face, eyes shut behind a tight, brown, mesh stocking cap-mask. The artist's hands, splattered in white flour, frame both sides of her face.]