Wednesday October 14, 2020
5:00pm EST


PARTICIPANT has confirmed the containment of the artist labeled "CHRISTEENE" in anticipation of a worldwide viral release of their new music video NIGHT WINDOW directed by PJ Raval and presented by Barrett Barrera Projects.

A full-length live performance by CHRISTEENE will precede the music video premiere, occurring within a virtually arresting landscape unlike any the artist has ever inhabited.

Principal Designer Guy Smith of Free Radical Design Group Inc on sound, lighting, cameras, and live-stream with Technical Director Glen Fogel will launch online performance space PARTCIPANT AFTER DARK with our first live-stream event, performed at Coffey Street Studio in Red Hook, BK.

The artist has noted:
“My aim is to create a live musical performance that can virtually deliver the raw heated exchanges that take place within a CHRISTEENE show, while offering viewers a stank neo-scientific landscape to enhance their experience as well as confront the times we are living in. The sterile environment of the room we've designed against the madness within the 'contained' stage performance will be captured by multiple cameras and jammed through a live virtual stream to give the viewer arresting angles and images to take in during this mad experiment. I'm damned excited to explore these new realms with such a fine, dedicated group of people.”
Paul Soileau / CHRISTEENE

This event includes live ASL interpretation.

Barrett Barrera Projects is a cross-disciplinary group of originators who redefine art experienees and push boundaries to explore the continuously expanding spectrum of art forms. We see art where others see separate disciplines. At Barrett Barrera Projects we focus on the intersections, because that’s where new ideas and experiences emerge. Our team produces, manages, consults and advises on emerging contemporary art and non-traditional media.

"CHRISTEENE & the Night Window," 2020, Video excerpt by PJ Raval[Against a dark background, the silhouetted, glitching image of CHRISTEENE with her gnarly hair pulled up into a rather large Victorian-esque bun atop her head is penetrated in its center by the haunting NIGHT WINDOW monolith with its circular blinding light projecting outward from her dark, hidden face.]